Absolutely Delightful: True to Its Name and Sweet as Can Be

This post appears in its entirety on Phoenix Public Market’s blog.

Eleanor Dziuk knew there were plenty of beekeepers in Arizona, but she wasn’t seeing their honey for sale at local farmers markets, so in 2001, she set out to change that.

Absolutely Delightful started when Eleanor connected with Dennis Arp of Mountain Top Honey to learn from his expertise and begin selling his products.

eleanor-dziuk-chats-with-a-customer.jpg“Most beekeepers are very, very busy people,” Eleanor said. “They don’t have time to be at the markets.”

Now, she and her family sell a variety of honey and honey products, including honeycomb, pollen, propolis and honey lozenges, from eight local beekeepers.

“Mesquite, desert wildflower, right now we have autumn harvest, camelthorn,” Eleanor listed. “We always have several different kinds.”

Read this piece in its entirety on the Phoenix Public Market blog.

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